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Share Black Love Experiences with Dr. Nejah Love Diva






Sometimes life causes you to make a huge leap of faith especially when you can't reason it out, figure it out, plead it out or pray it out.   In that moment that's when you surrender and free fall into the dark emptiness and fullness of the vast unknown.  Before I got to this point though I had to go through hell and back.  All my fears and worries kept my mind and body tightly bound in a web of utter confusion. But in the mist of those negative thought forms arose a flower of hope.  A voice said you deserve to be loved and cared for simply because you exist.  Suddenly that voice was joined by a chorus of other voices that sang in beautiful harmonic tones you are worthy, you are enough and I love and accept you just the way you are. So hand and hand with those voices of love I took a leap of faith into the unknown.  I had no idea what the outcome was or would be, but I did know that whatever it is that I''m calling it good because Infinite intelligence is all good and this I know for sure.  So if your going through life's issues or challenges that are getting your down,  rejoice because a new you is being rebirthed.  And although it rarely  feels good on the first day of change, a change for the good is coming and there's no holding it back or in!



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